in the driving seatWell here I am on a midweek update ready to show you all lots of pretty pictures of my current projects, anyway, you'll have to wait until the weekend for the eyecandy, but to tide you over here's the plan. Right now I'm working on a Coffin vehicle, no, not a hearse as freddy has already done an excellent rendition of that, but a coffin - complete with corpse. But being TR, we cant just leave it at one project and I'm also planning to finalise and release projects I have mentioned in the past like the X-Wing, which was set to feature in a conversion we planned called Starpocalypse. I then thought about rallying in Carmageddon and that proved a more popular idea, anyway, cutting a long story short I have pieces left from Starpoc' that cant really be salvaged into CarmaRally so I'll tidy them up for individual release - hopefully this weekend. (And for those of you who have only just heard I'm working on the rally thang, no it hasn't been released yet. ). 'Till next time, Matt0 comments11:48pm - Wednesday, September 29th, 1999 - Matt
ickle midweek updateJust a quick one to mention that I'll be releasing beta one of the Cameron Car Pack next weekend. The CCP is basically all the Cameron Cars in one big pack! I've been going through fixing bugs and now none of them crash the game when ripped in half and two now have driver models :) Anyhoo, this'll be released on the weekend. Errol Out0 comments8:18pm - Wednesday, September 29th, 1999 - Errol
yay!First off, there IS a limit on the number of bounding shapes you can have. Four bounding boxes seem to be the limit, any more will cause the game to crash if you rip the car in half. Now I know this I'll be reworking a lot of the Cameron Cars to prevent possible game crashes. Anyhoo, on to the releases. The Panza is here! As is the Fire Engine Mk2 and the Karmann Ghia :) Click the pics to get the cars. Errol Out
0 comments2:43am - Monday, September 27th, 1999 - Errol
bits and piecesI think I've worked out the rip in half bug. C2 seems to have a limit of 4 bounding box shapes and any more causes a crash when the car rips in half. I'll remake the Panza's and the Fire Truck Mk 2's bounding boxes tonight and they should be ready later this weekend. Last week I accidentally released the "almost-final" version of the SkyLiner, I'm such a spazz. I've now uploaded the proper version which includes smashable transparent windows, proper camera positions and the correct colour paint shards! Download the SkyLiner by clicking on the image below. Matt's skin for the Viper GTS - Caffeine - is now complete! All I can say about it is DOWNLOAD IT NOW :) Errol Out
0 comments12:44am - Sunday, September 26th, 1999 - Errol
wooohooo! (kind of)I have just finished the Panza!!! It only has one bug that I know of. The annoying "rip in half causes the game to crash" bug. I have no idea how to fix this either. Sometimes it can be fixed by listing every component (bar wheels) in the wam but I've done this. It can also be because the car isn't 100% textured but the Panza is. I really have no idea. I'm gonna try a couple more things first then I'll call it a day. Errol Out0 comments11:34pm - Tuesday, September 21st, 1999 - Errol
i know you won't be able to read this before saturdayBut I've just finished the Fire Engine Mk2! I'll send it to my beta testers as soon as possible and after all the bugs they find have been cleared up I'll release it. Now I'm gonna sort the Panza :) Errol Out0 comments2:26am - Tuesday, September 21st, 1999 - Errol
new skin in the works!He's been here a matter of hours and already Matt is making a skin! Named after his favorite drug (legal one at least). This skin is for Mass's Dodge Viper and it'll be available next weekend. Here's a sneaky peeky at Caffeine :) And here's another pic of the HotRoom map, now with peds :) Errol Out
0 comments3:03am - Sunday, September 19th, 1999 - Errol
a mixed bag of updatesAnyhoo, as you may have seen on the CWA forum work on the Digga is under way. Also, the Big Crane, or SkyLiner is now finished. The 10 Wheeled Fire Engine is still being worked on as is the Panza and the Ghia. A guy who goes by the name of GrayBard sent me some ped specs and checkpoints to use on the HotRoom map. I'm sorting the checkpoints myself but I used the ped stuff, thanks very much! :) Click on the pic at the bottom of the update to get the HotRoom; it also has working opponent paths! :) is back up and so work on SP'a will resume. AND, I have some new members :) I'd like to introduce Matt (Matt: "Hey!") and Justin (Justin: "'Ello"). They'll be helping me with all these bloomin' projects I've landed myself with. (No, really, I do enjoy it, really). Errol Out
0 comments1:17am - Sunday, September 19th, 1999 - Errol
copland!Check out an up-and-coming project of ours. I've managed to bring together alot of the best editors in C2 on this project: Matt, WhiplasH and Kavera to name but a few. I hope it'll show how easy it is to modify existing maps into completely new things. Anyhoo, here's and early screenshot. Errol Out
0 comments12:41am - Sunday, September 19th, 1999 - Errol
one last thingJester and I are working on C1 2 C2 together. A complete conversion of C1 and the Splat Pack into C2 :) Groovy, eh ? Errol Out0 comments2:00am - Monday, September 13th, 1999 - Errol
templates - both new and updatedAll the car templates have been remade, they are now 16bit with alpha channels set up (this allows for crisper images). Also, I've redone the existing map templates and made some new ones. All map templates have transparencies set up and they're full 16bit. The new ones I've created are the Carrier templates and the Funfair templates. The rest to come next weekend. Seeya then, Errol Out0 comments12:36am - Monday, September 13th, 1999 - Errol
a new map!Remember the map I previewed yesterday? Click HERE to get Hot Room. You'll have to manually install it at the moment as it's beta release 1. Just open races.txt, look for a race you want to replace and swap that racename.txt with hotroom.txt. There ya go. Errol Out0 comments9:14pm - Sunday, September 12th, 1999 - Errol
the 10 wheelersI haven't 100% finished either but I've decided to release them in their current playable form. You can download them by clicking on their menu images at the bottom of this update. More to come later. Errol Out

0 comments8:43pm - Sunday, September 12th, 1999 - Errol
toxic prefabs opens its doorsHaving spent a great deal of time making non-cars (stuff like lamp-posts, tree's, just general knock-downables) and smashables (explosive petrol pumps, etc) for my maps I've decided to start up Toxic Prefabs. The site will stock all the noncars from existing Carma 2 maps as well as load of new things :) Go to [insertlinkhere] and check it out. I'll be uploading stuff on and off all weekend.

Cameron Cars

Well, the Panza WON'T be released but the Big Crane and the 10 Wheeled Fire Truck will! Check back later.

New Map

Here's a sneaky peek at "my" next map. It is the Cameron Car of maps, ie, something that was supposed to be in C2 but never made the cut. It should be out tommorrow, have some pics to whet your appitite. Errol out
0 comments7:53pm - Saturday, September 11th, 1999 - Errol
about the panza...I've just been playing around with Panza and have run into a small problem: how do I get a texture to spin in relation to the cars speed? (If you know, email me) I have an idea that won't need me to do this BUT it will require some remodelling which I'm unable to do this week. I can do a temporary fix (and I probably will) but this will look kinda crappy. Fingers crossed something else occurs. Errol Out
0 comments11:42pm - Thursday, September 9th, 1999 - Errol
grrrI just came on to check my emails and received this from my host: "We recently ran out of space on QuestGate and found your site using 231.38 megs. We need you to get this down to 100 mb by Friday or we will have to delete your site to free up space for other clients. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter." Lame! I've had to delete a lot of the bigger and older files. So, if you follow a link that doesn't work then this is the problem. This weekend I'll be releasing the Panza Half-Track, maybe two but definately one new map and 16bit templates for almost all, if not all, of the Carma 2 maps. Anyhoo, Errol Out0 comments6:33pm - Thursday, September 9th, 1999 - Errol
i've been to the ects!This weekend I have spent down at the ECTS in London :) Carmageddon 3 looks pretty iffy, you can tell it isn't being developed by Stainless. I also played Carma64 and I have to say it is weird. Confusing, low res and weird. Anyhoo, I'll upload all the stuff I have next weekend. Errol out0 comments12:04am - Monday, September 6th, 1999 - Errol
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