bits and piecesI think I've worked out the rip in half bug. C2 seems to have a limit of 4 bounding box shapes and any more causes a crash when the car rips in half. I'll remake the Panza's and the Fire Truck Mk 2's bounding boxes tonight and they should be ready later this weekend. Last week I accidentally released the "almost-final" version of the SkyLiner, I'm such a spazz. I've now uploaded the proper version which includes smashable transparent windows, proper camera positions and the correct colour paint shards! Download the SkyLiner by clicking on the image below. Matt's skin for the Viper GTS - Caffeine - is now complete! All I can say about it is DOWNLOAD IT NOW :) Errol Out
0 comments12:44am - Sunday, September 26th, 1999 - Errol
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