in the driving seatWell here I am on a midweek update ready to show you all lots of pretty pictures of my current projects, anyway, you'll have to wait until the weekend for the eyecandy, but to tide you over here's the plan. Right now I'm working on a Coffin vehicle, no, not a hearse as freddy has already done an excellent rendition of that, but a coffin - complete with corpse. But being TR, we cant just leave it at one project and I'm also planning to finalise and release projects I have mentioned in the past like the X-Wing, which was set to feature in a conversion we planned called Starpocalypse. I then thought about rallying in Carmageddon and that proved a more popular idea, anyway, cutting a long story short I have pieces left from Starpoc' that cant really be salvaged into CarmaRally so I'll tidy them up for individual release - hopefully this weekend. (And for those of you who have only just heard I'm working on the rally thang, no it hasn't been released yet. ). 'Till next time, Matt0 comments11:48pm - Wednesday, September 29th, 1999 - Matt
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