toxic prefabs opens its doorsHaving spent a great deal of time making non-cars (stuff like lamp-posts, tree's, just general knock-downables) and smashables (explosive petrol pumps, etc) for my maps I've decided to start up Toxic Prefabs. The site will stock all the noncars from existing Carma 2 maps as well as load of new things :) Go to [insertlinkhere] and check it out. I'll be uploading stuff on and off all weekend.

Cameron Cars

Well, the Panza WON'T be released but the Big Crane and the 10 Wheeled Fire Truck will! Check back later.

New Map

Here's a sneaky peek at "my" next map. It is the Cameron Car of maps, ie, something that was supposed to be in C2 but never made the cut. It should be out tommorrow, have some pics to whet your appitite. Errol out
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