a mixed bag of updatesAnyhoo, as you may have seen on the CWA forum work on the Digga is under way. Also, the Big Crane, or SkyLiner is now finished. The 10 Wheeled Fire Engine is still being worked on as is the Panza and the Ghia. A guy who goes by the name of GrayBard sent me some ped specs and checkpoints to use on the HotRoom map. I'm sorting the checkpoints myself but I used the ped stuff, thanks very much! :) Click on the pic at the bottom of the update to get the HotRoom; it also has working opponent paths! :) Beef-Cake.com is back up and so work on SP'a will resume. AND, I have some new members :) I'd like to introduce Matt (Matt: "Hey!") and Justin (Justin: "'Ello"). They'll be helping me with all these bloomin' projects I've landed myself with. (No, really, I do enjoy it, really). Errol Out
0 comments1:17am - Sunday, September 19th, 1999 - Errol
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