inspired by dairy milk? methinks not...Well, it isn't quite midweek yet but I believe it was Matt Sullivan who said 'we're used to breaking the rules' so what the hey. Anyhow, after posting that screeny of the silver Suzuki last week, based on a MaxNet model, I received quiet a few comments suggesting other cars from there. So, requested by Fuel and others, I have started work on the 'Growler' inspired by the the classy Chrysler Prowler. I have already remade and optimised the majority of this model to reduce the poly count and although it still ways in at a pie-fed 3000 polygons I have textured it so as it uses minimal textures and consequently the game is not ruined by slow FR's. The Prowler should be available around the weekend in a variety of flavours. Again I have gone for the classy chrome look and I think its very effective, but I may be slightly biased in that ;) so if you want to comment, you know where to find me.
0 comments10:35pm - Monday, October 25th, 1999 - Matt
am i dead? yes, i think so...I'm tired so I'll keep this short and sweet. Driven is now finished but not final, this means I'll probably release another version next week. Also, here's a 100% bug-free (I hope) Caravan. Click the pics. Errol Out
0 comments2:12am - Monday, October 25th, 1999 - Errol
am i dead? no, i don't think so...Whoops. I recently bought a few Discworld books and have been reading those instead of working on the site. Sorry 'bout that! Anyway, we have a few releases lined up for tonight. I won't tell you what they are so, that way, you won't get all annoyed when I don't release something. (A point Matt summed up nicely on Wednesday). Suffice to say, there's more than one car. Oh, before I forget, I've done a bit of work texturing the Digger, check the pic below to see how it's getting on. Errol Out
0 comments9:27pm - Sunday, October 24th, 1999 - Errol
spiffyHere's an updated SpiffTruck skin by The MondoTruck (aka JungleMunkie). This version has all the alpha channels sorted. So, click the pic! Errol Out
0 comments10:11pm - Saturday, October 23rd, 1999 - Errol
why did the chicken cross the...Should be another interesting weekend as far as releases go again. I think I'm working this out now, whatever we don't mention, always gets released and that which we do mention... well, draw your own conclusions :) That's why I don't think I'll tell we should have some more tutors for those of you who are keen map guys, so you'll just have to wait and see. Meanwhile CWR recently dug out another free models site over at Maxnet. On checking it out there were two car model that were just crying out for attention, the 'Suzuki Samarai' and the 'Chevy Camaro'. I have nearly finished the Suzuki off-roader now and it has a distinct 'Chromium' look, see for yourself below, and next up is the Camaro, which I'm looking forward to doing so expect it relatively soon. And as for the Xwing, taking a step back and looking at it and taking comments on board from Fuel, I realised just how pants the skin was so it's in for a respray at the moment.
0 comments10:38pm - Wednesday, October 20th, 1999 - Matt
[insert funny topic here]Driven isn't finished but it is in final beta. I'll have it done for next weekend, maybe even Wednesday :) Anyhoo, this version has a modified paint job, slight mapping adjustments, detachable parts and a menu image. You click the pic, you gets the car. Errol Out
0 comments12:27am - Monday, October 18th, 1999 - Errol
hand me a pillow please nurse, i think i'm going to pass out...What can I say, a third car in just as many hours! :) I'm going to try and finish Driven but no promises; I will release a beta if I can't get it to final. Also, sorry to all the people who've been waiting for the Digga. I'll get it done by next weekend. Promise :) Anyhoo, click the pic. Errol Out
0 comments11:47pm - Sunday, October 17th, 1999 - Errol
motor on over here, y'allYet another release! This time it's The Motor Bike. Click the pic to get the car. Errol Out
0 comments11:25pm - Sunday, October 17th, 1999 - Errol
bustacular!Here it is, the London Bus. Click the pic yet again :) Errol Out
0 comments9:59pm - Sunday, October 17th, 1999 - Errol
it's the biggest organ you have :)The skin! You sick minded people! And talking about skins, here are two new ones. One by Matt for Scream's RC Car and one by The Mondo Truck for Dark Knight's XR1. Click the pic as per usual. Errol Out
0 comments8:55pm - Sunday, October 17th, 1999 - Errol
36hour days work wondersOkay, well this update was planned for Wednesday, but it turned out to be one of 'those' days so here we are now, in my warped sense of time, Thursday night, in reality Friday, so I'm only a day late. Anyhow, we have the usual assortment of goodies planned for this weekend, including the London Bus and Xwing which was post-poned so I could 'make-good' as when it was one of my first and looking a bit dated. All going well we should have some more tutors for all you keen hackers aswell, but more on that later. Ogle over some work-in-progress screenies now of the Bus and Driven which Errol has been 'having fun' texturing. It's coming along really well so keep those eyes peeled for it.
0 comments1:37pm - Friday, October 15th, 1999 - Matt
driven (insane)I've decided to release a beta of Driven, a car based on the main vehicle from Driver. Modelled by Boose this is a sweet looking car. All I have done is tweak and alter the skin so far. As it's a beta it doesn't include a lot of features that will be in the final version. Click the pic. Errol Out
0 comments1:27am - Monday, October 11th, 1999 - Errol
grrrrThis weekend my computer threw a wobbly and so I only have one car to release and that's a knockoff job of the Blues Mobile :) Presenting the '78 Dodge Sedan (I have been reliably informed that this is the make of car the Blues Mobile is based on). Click the pic. Errol Out
0 comments11:45pm - Sunday, October 10th, 1999 - Errol
skins. niceHere we go. Two of the skins mentioned by Matt and made by Matt and thought up by Matt and, umm, Matt. Click the pics to get "The Copper Coloured Top" and "Big Blue" respectively. Anyhoo, Matt Out, I mean Errol. Yeah. Errol
0 comments9:16pm - Saturday, October 9th, 1999 - Errol
it's a scream, baby!As Matt mentioned on Wednesday we'll be releasing a skin for Screams cool RC Car later this weekend. First off, we're goning to release Screams RC Car :) So, as usual, click the pic to download this sweet little (and I mean little) car. Errol Out
0 comments11:56pm - Friday, October 8th, 1999 - Errol
battery powered bloodstainsAmongst other items, we have some more skin mods lined up for release this weekend. Currently including 'Liquid Blue' for Screams RC car, 'Copper Coloured Top' for Dark Knights Orolla and 'Big Blue' for the Garbage Truck Cameron Car. Anyhow, like I said these will be released this weekend amongst other stuff but here's some eyecandy you appease your appetite.
0 comments9:16pm - Wednesday, October 6th, 1999 - Matt
stick a fork in me, i'm dumbI know that's not how the quote should go but it's oh-so-true. Yesterdays version of the I-Scream Van didn't work so click the pic below to get one that does. Thanks to Fuel for pointing this out and to Matt for helping me fix it. Errol Out
0 comments7:27pm - Monday, October 4th, 1999 - Errol
you scream, i scream, we all...Here is yet another release. What started out as a skin by Matt progressed into a complete car mod of the Kebabageddon. Click the image to get The I-Scream Van. Oh, also, thanks very much to all the people who've wished me a happy birthday :) On tuesday I'll actually find out if it is :) (Happy, not my Birthday) Anyhoo, Errol Out
0 comments5:40am - Monday, October 4th, 1999 - Errol
high tideHere are the two out of the three cars I previewed: Kebabageddon and the Home Wrecker. Click the pics to get them. Errol Out
0 comments2:15am - Monday, October 4th, 1999 - Errol
this should tide you overTwo of the three cars are very near completion but to tide you over until their release, here is Acid Max. This was technically the first skin EVER for the Eagle 3. Click the pic below to get it. Errol Out
0 comments11:04pm - Sunday, October 3rd, 1999 - Errol
The first version of the Cameron Car Pack is now available. Click HERE! to get it. Also, here are some pics of yet unreleased Cameron Cars. They should be done for later this weekend. Errol Out
0 comments1:38am - Sunday, October 3rd, 1999 - Errol
more stuff than you can shake a stick atThe Garbage Truck is now available for download. This version features everything but a driver and I'll be adding those in when I've finally released all the Cameron Cars (only about 4 or 5 to go now). Also, I've re-released every Cameron Car so far. Not a single one of them will crash the game when ripped in half! Also, Boxing Clever and the Bruise Brothers have been replaced by Beefed Up and the Blues Mobile. Beta 1 of the Cameron Car pack will be available later as well if you can't be bothered downloading all those files separately. Errol Out
0 comments7:22pm - Saturday, October 2nd, 1999 - Errol
that... that's impossible?!This is just weird. Here is a skin for the Garbage Truck BEFORE the Garbage Truck has been released. How does that work?! Anyways, you can get the Spiff Truck (made by The MondoTruck) by clicking the menu image below. I'll be releasing the Garbage Truck later today. Errol Out
0 comments7:04am - Saturday, October 2nd, 1999 - Errol
radiotracktiveI was supposed to release this last weekend but I completely forgot :( It's a skin for the Panza and it's by The MondoTruck formerly known as Wazzu22 formerly known as JungleMunkie. Anyway, you can get this groovy skin by clicking the image below! Errol Out
0 comments12:19am - Saturday, October 2nd, 1999 - Errol
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