inspired by dairy milk? methinks not...Well, it isn't quite midweek yet but I believe it was Matt Sullivan who said 'we're used to breaking the rules' so what the hey. Anyhow, after posting that screeny of the silver Suzuki last week, based on a MaxNet model, I received quiet a few comments suggesting other cars from there. So, requested by Fuel and others, I have started work on the 'Growler' inspired by the the classy Chrysler Prowler. I have already remade and optimised the majority of this model to reduce the poly count and although it still ways in at a pie-fed 3000 polygons I have textured it so as it uses minimal textures and consequently the game is not ruined by slow FR's. The Prowler should be available around the weekend in a variety of flavours. Again I have gone for the classy chrome look and I think its very effective, but I may be slightly biased in that ;) so if you want to comment, you know where to find me.
0 comments10:35pm - Monday, October 25th, 1999 - Matt
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