36hour days work wondersOkay, well this update was planned for Wednesday, but it turned out to be one of 'those' days so here we are now, in my warped sense of time, Thursday night, in reality Friday, so I'm only a day late. Anyhow, we have the usual assortment of goodies planned for this weekend, including the London Bus and Xwing which was post-poned so I could 'make-good' as when it was one of my first and looking a bit dated. All going well we should have some more tutors for all you keen hackers aswell, but more on that later. Ogle over some work-in-progress screenies now of the Bus and Driven which Errol has been 'having fun' texturing. It's coming along really well so keep those eyes peeled for it.
0 comments1:37pm - Friday, October 15th, 1999 - Matt
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