why did the chicken cross the...Should be another interesting weekend as far as releases go again. I think I'm working this out now, whatever we don't mention, always gets released and that which we do mention... well, draw your own conclusions :) That's why I don't think I'll tell we should have some more tutors for those of you who are keen map guys, so you'll just have to wait and see. Meanwhile CWR recently dug out another free models site over at Maxnet. On checking it out there were two car model that were just crying out for attention, the 'Suzuki Samarai' and the 'Chevy Camaro'. I have nearly finished the Suzuki off-roader now and it has a distinct 'Chromium' look, see for yourself below, and next up is the Camaro, which I'm looking forward to doing so expect it relatively soon. And as for the Xwing, taking a step back and looking at it and taking comments on board from Fuel, I realised just how pants the skin was so it's in for a respray at the moment.
0 comments10:38pm - Wednesday, October 20th, 1999 - Matt
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