jamageddon: jarpockalypse nowI apologise for not updating my site this last week or so but I've been busy... making jam! Yes, it is the time of the year where all the wild fruits are ripe for the picking. But you can only eat so much so you make jam with the rest.

So, instead of a Carmageddon related post, have some jam making info...

* Use apples as a natural source of pectin, handy with low pectin fruits like berries
* A moulin is an excellent tool to puree your stewed fruits. No peels or pips in your jam!
* Use a 1:1 ratio of puree weight to sugar
* Once at a rolling boil wait 10 minutes before testing consistency

That's it for now, should you have any jam related questions just drop me a line!

I've also been partaking of deviant sexual acts but I think that's a post for another day. Errol out!2 comments10:49am - Monday, September 19th, 2011 - Errol
development in progressAs I never learn from my mistakes I've decided it's a good idea to live-develope my articles section.

Shit, as they say, be wack.
Errol out


The articles section is online and I've started work on the first article which is all about grooves. I'll be adding commenting and tag support once the article is finished. Probably overhaul the commenting system in general too. Anything else you want? Drop me a comment!
Errol out!1 comment11:27am - Thursday, September 8th, 2011 - Errol
in the groove!Another short but sweet post while I'm trapped down the codemines for work. Everyone knows about the path type "straight" when it comes to grooves but did you know about "circular"? Check this out:
not a lollipop			// This isn't a lollipop
constant			// Always animate
circular			// Path
linear				// Movement type
0,0,0				// Centre of circle
1.5				// Speed
0.025				// Radius
Z				// Axis
no object			// No fancy movements
Drop that into Eagle3.txt and you'd have yourself a weird moving bumper!

Anyway, you can always swap "linear" for "absolute" and substitute 1.5 (or your speed) with a GroovyFunkRef to hook it into the car movement. You can also use X and Y as the axis.

Unlike the spin movement this physically moves the actor in a circle, rather than rotating it around a point.

Many thanks for both Toshiba-3 and Harmalarm for doing all the hard work so I could swoop in at the last moment and steal the credit! Errol out.

Also, if lollipops are your thing, check out Toshiba-3's excellent article on the subject: I am a lollipop!6 comments9:23pm - Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 - Errol
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