in the groove!Another short but sweet post while I'm trapped down the codemines for work. Everyone knows about the path type "straight" when it comes to grooves but did you know about "circular"? Check this out:
not a lollipop			// This isn't a lollipop
constant			// Always animate
circular			// Path
linear				// Movement type
0,0,0				// Centre of circle
1.5				// Speed
0.025				// Radius
Z				// Axis
no object			// No fancy movements
Drop that into Eagle3.txt and you'd have yourself a weird moving bumper!

Anyway, you can always swap "linear" for "absolute" and substitute 1.5 (or your speed) with a GroovyFunkRef to hook it into the car movement. You can also use X and Y as the axis.

Unlike the spin movement this physically moves the actor in a circle, rather than rotating it around a point.

Many thanks for both Toshiba-3 and Harmalarm for doing all the hard work so I could swoop in at the last moment and steal the credit! Errol out.

Also, if lollipops are your thing, check out Toshiba-3's excellent article on the subject: I am a lollipop!6 comments9:23pm - Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 - Errol
Harmalarm8:53pm - September 7th, 2011WHAAAT? I move away for one second and mister fix-it finds the sollution!

this is awesome! More of these things please!
C2S12:26pm - September 8th, 2011Well done all three of you (?). ;)

I've seen these unused keywords when exploring the Carma .exes, but never tried to make them work. From what I remember, it was sort of trial&error guesswork as to how many following lines the game expects, and what they represent. I don't know if you guys have some sort of a smarter way to approach that, or tools, or if "educated guesses" is still what you're doing. :P

In fact, let me see if I can find an old textfile I wrote the keywords down to... ah, here it is:
Errol2:06pm - September 8th, 2011lo C2S, looking at your list I know how all the smashable keywords are used and will be doing a smash spec soon.

All the noncar ones are pretty well known, we worked out the settings for WORLD_HINGE_JOINT but it just works like a ball joint.

flash/harmonic/linear are also lighting words for FUNKs but the lighting just doesn't seem to work at all. Again, I'll be doing a full FUNK spec soon.

I've had FLIC working in 8bit but it locks the entire PC up in 16bit. I'll be trying to craft a 16bit flc file soon to see if that works. accurate/approximate are used for frame based animations, it allows the game to drop frames should the overall framerate drop. Irrelevant these days.

You say you had camera working but not doing anything? Any chance you could remember the variables you used? I've only ever had crash-on-loads when trying to get it working.

static I'm pretty sure relates to the camera funk setting and has nothing to do with grooves. There's also a "tracking" in the exe. shear is a groove animation type, not a path. Used in suspensions. Circular and straight are both known paths.

I hope I allowed for such long comments!
C2S3:20pm - September 8th, 2011The WORLD_HINGE_JOINT was a bit of a obsession at one point for me and Cesm, who claimed he had it working but forgot to take notes... I recall he also said it didn't work as expected. But how about the "num_limits" in WORLD_BALL_JOINT?

( , see the lower section )

I'm wondering if some sort axis restrictions could be forced using it. Or perhaps it does something else, if it works at all. I know that Toshiba and Harm have used physical objects to block the swinging movement, restricting it to only desired axises that way... a working setting that achieves the same could simplify things a bit.

Nah, just forget the note that suggests I've had "camera" working. Since it didn't straight away crash the game, I assumed it could be a keyword that actually does something in C2. But then, even random crap like "blurb" can be written without it crashing the game, so it's probably not a proof of anything. :P I wonder if the "camera" is just somehow related to the C1 interiors anyway... the mirror could be too (?).

And yep, the textfile may be wrong in some parts. Now that I'm looking at it again... does a spinning FUNK exist anyway?
Errol4:31pm - September 8th, 2011A spinning funk does exist! But it only works as controlled with a GroovyFunkRef, so cars only.

Camera (and mirror) are animation keywords like frames and flic. I've discovered that working keywords will do nothing if the format of their parameters is incorrect. Everything is very... trial and error. They might work we just don't know what settings are required!

I tried all sorts of things with num limits and nothing seemed to make any difference. And, much like Cesm, at one point I was convinced I had the hinge working but I couldn't reproduce it.

Damn Stainless and their teasing ways!
Harmalarm2:20pm - September 9th, 2011"Damn Stainless and their teasing ways!"

--This is exactly what makes it so supercalafragilistic to get things working!
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