boo!Erm, hey, remember me ? After I finished the templates I got back into my Carma 2 projects. The latest (and probably last) version of South Park'ageddon will be released either this week or this next weekend at the latest. The two main other projects are underway, but I don't want to name them incase I never actually finish them. On top of doing stuff for Carma 2 I've been doing "life stuff". Looking for a job, meeting girls, well, one girl. Anyhoo, enough of that. All old news is now archived and I'll sort out a TDR2k demo files page in a lil while. Errol Out0 comments8:15pm - Wednesday, May 31st, 2000 - Errol
witch doctor templateWooooooooooooo!! Last template. Here it is, the Witch Doctor. This is a very nice car to look at although I find it's a little slow on the old acceleration. Click the pic. Errol Out
0 comments6:49pm - Sunday, May 21st, 2000 - Errol
vulture templateOk, the penultimate template, the Vulture. Click the pic to get the template for, in my opinion, the best car in the demo. Errol Out
0 comments6:35pm - Sunday, May 21st, 2000 - Errol
tow meister templateHere's the template for the Tow Meister, only the Vulture and the Witch Doctor left to go. Errol Out
0 comments6:15pm - Sunday, May 21st, 2000 - Errol
suppressor templateOk, here ya go, the template for the Suppressor, erm, yeah. Errol Out
0 comments2:27pm - Sunday, May 21st, 2000 - Errol
green cusher templateHeh, I bet this is getting annoying to all you people that have no intention of using the templates. Not many more to go tho', I'll be starting a TDR2k section to the site this weekend sometime (hopefully) so it's easier to see what we have for download. Errol Out
0 comments1:22pm - Sunday, May 21st, 2000 - Errol
eagle mk4 templateAnother template, this time for the Eagle 4. That's three down and 5 to go. Errol Out
0 comments1:03pm - Sunday, May 21st, 2000 - Errol
drag-u-lar templateHere ya go, the template for the Dragular. Enjoy. Errol Out
0 comments12:49pm - Sunday, May 21st, 2000 - Errol
*yawn*Actually, I'm too tired to stay awake till they're all uploaded so you're gonna have to wait, sorry. Errol Out0 comments4:55am - Sunday, May 21st, 2000 - Errol
cop car templateRather than wait till they're all up I thought I'd link to them as and when they're online. First is the Cop Car, click the pic to download. Oh, and by the way, these templates are exclusive to TR2k and CarmaCity. So don't thieve them! Errol Out
0 comments4:44am - Sunday, May 21st, 2000 - Errol
templates coming soon... I'm currently uploading the templates for all the cars in the TDR2k demo. Major, major thanx go out to Viper for doing all the hex work for me, ta very much love. It's gonna take about 2 hours to upload the lot as there's 15meg of templates altogether. I'll just give you a little info on them now. The ones ending in _32 are 24bit uncompressed tgas with alpha channel and the _8 ones are 8bit uncompressed tgas. There's alot of different sizes, each size is used for a different % texture detail level. I suggest doing your skin on the largest texture and then resizing by 50% and saving again till you're down to 4x4. Till the files are uploaded, Errol Out0 comments4:06am - Sunday, May 21st, 2000 - Errol
new win2k tdr2k alpha demo timer crackTBK has just sent me a new version of the Win2k TimeCrack which is alot more stable and even works on Vipers machine (this in itself is a massive feat). Ta very much TBK. Click HERE to get the new version. Errol Out0 comments6:56pm - Saturday, May 20th, 2000 - Errol
tdr2k alpha demo timer cracksThe topic says it all so I'll shut up :) Click HERE for the Win95/98 crack and HERE for the Win2k one. The 95/98 one crashes under Win2k or something. Also if you're using Win2k you might need to download some updates or something, I dunno as I don't use 2k. Major thanks go out to TBK for these hacks. I'll leave you go play TDR2k for over 4 mins now ;) Ah, yeah, installation, just unzip into the same folder as Tdr2000Demo.exe and run TimeCrack.exe (you may want to back up Tdr2000Demo.exe, just in case) And finally, don't email me for help if these files screw up your computer. I didn't make them, I'm just hosting them. Errol Out0 comments6:10pm - Saturday, May 20th, 2000 - Errol
the "hopefully final" blood patchOk, this is it, this should be the last version released, ped skins are sorted, new sounds are added (Ta very much Twiggy), powerup names now say Pedestrian rather than Zombie (spanking you kindly, Rat) and some misc little things are sorted. Click HERE to grab the now 1.88meg patch. Errol Out (hopefully the last time on this subject)0 comments4:47pm - Saturday, May 20th, 2000 - Errol
woo, my first screwup for tdr2kRegulars to this site will know how I can screw up pretty much anything, it's a knack I guess. Well, I've managed to screw the blood patch, when you hit the peds they change skins, this "feature" is currently being addressed, along with one or two other user suggestions. Please stand by... Errol Out0 comments3:32pm - Saturday, May 20th, 2000 - Errol
pointlessI decided to take three completely pointless screen shots and put them in a completely random order that doesn't have anything to do with anything. Erm, call me odd if you like. Errol Out
0 comments7:43pm - Friday, May 19th, 2000 - Errol
blood patch mk 2!!Yup, it's done, now the peds look like peds and not zombies, I've fixed a couple of smear textures I missed aswell. Erm, there's other stuff too but I can't be bothered talking about it when you can just download it and save me the hassle. Click HERE to grab the 1.36meg blood patch for the TDR2k Alpha demo. Errol Out0 comments3:57pm - Friday, May 19th, 2000 - Errol
blood patch mk 2 soon'ishThe blood patch has run into a couple of problems with the zombie women, these will be fixed shortly and it should be released this afternoon. In the meantime that wonderful guy, Raven-X, has found out how to race as cars other than the Eagle 4 and the Cop Car. All you have to do, he said, is rename the folder so it's only the first 6 letters and rename the text similarly. Then you just HexEdit the exe and replace Eagle4 with the carname (case seems to be important, copcar wouldn't work whereas CopCar would). Check out some of the screenies below if you don't believe him. For example, rename the folder Vulture to Vultur and Vulture.txt to Vultur.txt and then replacing Eagle4 in the exe with Vultur will allow you to drive the Vulture, suprisingly enough. Major thanks to Raven-X for this information Errol Out
0 comments2:00pm - Friday, May 19th, 2000 - Errol
blood patch mk 2 soonThe second version of the blood patch will be out soon, an hour max. This new version will change the zombies into humans, well, kind of anyhoo, you can see what I mean in the pic below. It'll include the animals patch as well as the blood patch so far in one neat little package. All I've got left to do are the female skins and some misc gibs. Errol Out
0 comments1:42pm - Friday, May 19th, 2000 - Errol
...and it has beenHere it is, the Eagle 34. Again, not a very good skin but it'll help all you budding skinners out there. Now you've also got the damage tgas for the Eagle and I've also sorted the wheels out. If anyone finds anything of interest out about hacking the demo then don't hesitate to drop me a line. Once again, thanks go out to UGM for inspiration and piccies galore. Errol Out
0 comments3:55am - Friday, May 19th, 2000 - Errol
it had to be done...Major thanks go out to UGM for giving me a hand on this little project. You may be wondering why my skin (TyeDyed Eagle) was so utterly utterly rubbish. Well, it was to get a basic idea where on the single texture each part of the car is mapped from. Anyhoo, this is how the Eagle 34 is looking at the moment. Errol Out
0 comments11:59pm - Thursday, May 18th, 2000 - Errol
first skin, hmm, deva vu?Ratty and I have done it once again, the first skins for TDR2k ;) Otherwise known as the Tye-Dyed Eagle (mine) and Dodgy Purple (Rattys). Installation instructions included within the zips. Errol Out
0 comments10:28pm - Thursday, May 18th, 2000 - Errol
ickle blood patchThis HERE file will change all the green blood in the demo into far healthier red blood. Here's some screenies of the patch in action. Also, if you open demo_ai_lineup.txt from in the Assets folder and change one of those lines to "Suppressordescriptor.txt" you can race against that big 6 wheeled beast :) Again, the file might be read-only so follow the instructions below. Errol Out
0 comments5:25pm - Thursday, May 18th, 2000 - Errol
general notesJust some small pointers, if the Splash Screens at the start and the end are annoying you just open up DemoSplashScreens.txt and delete everything past the second line of ='s. Save and close (the file may be read only, if it is right-click on DemoSplashScreens.txt in Windows Explorer, go down to properties. Then untick the Read-Only box. Hit Ok. You'll now be able to save no worries). Also if you're handy with a HexEditor you can open up Tdr2000Demo.exe and replace the two instances of Eagle4 with CopCar to race around as that. Remember to back up files before you play around as they could get screwed. Errol Out0 comments3:55pm - Thursday, May 18th, 2000 - Errol
animal skin replacements...Ok, as you probably already know the demo of TDR2k was released in Britain today. Anyhoo, here's some replacement textures for the animals, they turn them from zombies into normal animals, thanx go out to Torus for leaving them there, now just some info on the pak format ? ;) Errol Out
0 comments1:01pm - Thursday, May 18th, 2000 - Errol
and i thought i was weird...I actually received a couple of emails asking which out of Jay and Silent Bob would be playing me, well, Jay obviously ya snoogans. Rat doesn't look too much like Silent Bob but he doesn't talk very much so it kinda all works out in the end. And thanks go out to the person (who will remain nameless) that thinks of me as a young Sharon Stone. But, I mean, let's face it, I'm no Sharon Stone. Thanx anyhoo man, Nooch!0 comments9:12pm - Thursday, May 11th, 2000 - Errol
/me slaps sciArggghhhh, SCi made a mistake (whether that was on purpose or not is currently unknown) PC Gameplay magazine is released on the 18th, not the 11th. Simple mistake that as, after all, it's only seven whole days! It doesn't need to be said (although I will say it anyhoo) that I'm slightly peeved at this. Anyhoo, one more week to wait and yet another early morning in the foreseeable future. Thank you SCi. Errol Out0 comments2:16pm - Thursday, May 11th, 2000 - Errol
demo ? i don't see no steenking demoWell, I did something different today. I woke up before 1 in the afternoon, got dressed, met Ratty outside a pub and went to town! We were in town for just gone 9am and started the Search for PC Gameplay magazine (a movie version is in the pipelines, Jay and Silent Bob are going to be playing me and Ratty cos they're ace, just like us) Suffice to say after one and a half hours of looking our search revealed less than Ariel the Little Mermaid, ie nothing (goddammit!). Anyhoo, I just felt the need to do an update and as it's now almost 2pm I should really think about grabbing some breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day. Errol Out0 comments1:42pm - Thursday, May 11th, 2000 - Errol
excuses, excuses, they're all flaming excusesSo, instead of saying something like "I've been living on the moon with the mooncows" or "Lost at sea with nothing but a seagull and an orange" I'll just get on with the update :) The most obvious place to start would be the ped LL-Hell (from CarmaCity) and myself have made. Introducing Peekatyou. He's small, yellow and has absolutely no similarity to Pikachu from that globally well know cartoon Pokémon. Honest guv. Anyhoo, that's it for now but more will be coming soon. Errol Out
0 comments3:31pm - Tuesday, May 9th, 2000 - Errol
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