templates coming soon... I'm currently uploading the templates for all the cars in the TDR2k demo. Major, major thanx go out to Viper for doing all the hex work for me, ta very much love. It's gonna take about 2 hours to upload the lot as there's 15meg of templates altogether. I'll just give you a little info on them now. The ones ending in _32 are 24bit uncompressed tgas with alpha channel and the _8 ones are 8bit uncompressed tgas. There's alot of different sizes, each size is used for a different % texture detail level. I suggest doing your skin on the largest texture and then resizing by 50% and saving again till you're down to 4x4. Till the files are uploaded, Errol Out0 comments4:06am - Sunday, May 21st, 2000 - Errol
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