tdr2k alpha demo timer cracksThe topic says it all so I'll shut up :) Click HERE for the Win95/98 crack and HERE for the Win2k one. The 95/98 one crashes under Win2k or something. Also if you're using Win2k you might need to download some updates or something, I dunno as I don't use 2k. Major thanks go out to TBK for these hacks. I'll leave you go play TDR2k for over 4 mins now ;) Ah, yeah, installation, just unzip into the same folder as Tdr2000Demo.exe and run TimeCrack.exe (you may want to back up Tdr2000Demo.exe, just in case) And finally, don't email me for help if these files screw up your computer. I didn't make them, I'm just hosting them. Errol Out0 comments6:10pm - Saturday, May 20th, 2000 - Errol
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