livin' la vida logoI haven't a clue what that means, Living the Crazy Corporate Identity or something probably. But what the hey, eh. Right, onto the news. I've been working on Ravages map for the last few weeks and that's why SmashMap has got stuck at v4a. I've also been working on a little ped with LL-Hell. I'll post a piccy of that soon, but for now the hint "pika pika" should do ;) Well, that's about it. So I'll guess I'll seeya sometime. Errol Out0 comments4:59am - Friday, April 28th, 2000 - Errol
what's lazy, orange and hairy?Rat on fire. If you ever had the urge to dress up as a cab driver just so you could drive badly, think you own the roads, have a license to hail torrents of abuse at other drivers and ask people if they want a ride, then chances are your a pretencious twat. However, download this. Because you'll love it, because its class, because. Slayers mustang with a citric overhaul, perfect for any budding cabbie to test the internal organ smearability of the closest ped.

So here'e were I put some sort of matt-prentending-to-be-errol out stylee phrase that people with less originality than a cheese & tomato milkshake can think is 'cool' and nab for their own ends, which is fair enough but not likely to happen all the same. Matt.
0 comments5:29pm - Sunday, April 23rd, 2000 - Matt
don't feel the burn. that's how i lost my armLets cover some SmashMap news. Firstly, SmashMap 4b should be out soon, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. Secondly, due to me being one of the worst modellers in the Carma scene, two extremely proficient modellers have offered their services. After a lil confusion we sorted out what these services were and they set out on modelling some new sections. XRay modelled an extremely nifty church and graveyard and Twiggy is modelling me a rather sweet looking desert thingy. Anyhoo, check some preview style piccies below. Errol Out
0 comments5:09am - Friday, April 14th, 2000 - Errol
swiiiiinnnngggg looooooow, sweet chariot......comi*OW!* Not that bloody low! Anyhoo, here's SmashMap v4a. Completely new silo area with dual nukes now. They don't do much as of yet. That'll be v4b ;) Anyhoo, time to call it a morning ("It's a morning!") Errol Out
0 comments2:49am - Tuesday, April 11th, 2000 - Errol
memory span less than a goldf... erm, what was i saying ?Whoops is the best word to use in this situation (I was told by the Grandfather of all knowledge) and so I'll use it. "Whoops". See, class. Anyhoo, the reason for my whoops is there were a number of errors around the site that I wasn't aware of until Rat, being the nice pygmy that he is, pointed them out to me. So now the noncars downloads will work in GetRight from Toxic Prefabs (which was updated recently, btw), you'll be able to access the Editing Tools page from other parts of the site rather than this one and the link to SmashMap version 4 actually does point to SmashMap version 4 ;) Erm, yeah, that about covers everything. So I think I'll be going now. Bubye then. Go on, you leave first. No, you. *grins* Errol Out
0 comments10:21pm - Monday, April 10th, 2000 - Errol
suck my rocketErm, yeah, anyhoo SmashMap 4 is here! It doesn't have as many tweaks as I wanted because I was modelling the new section (SmashMaps Anti-UFO Missile Facility) and what with me having no modelling skill this took awhile ;) Anyhoo, check it out. Errol Out
0 comments11:54pm - Sunday, April 9th, 2000 - Errol
chill with the stillOk, SmashMap v3 is out, just click the mapname to download. In this version I've rejigged the noncar layout for quicker loading times and added in the frozen swimming pool (suggested to me by Matt). I've also tweaked the carwash, exploding building and a few other bits and pieces. Errol Out
0 comments5:51am - Friday, April 7th, 2000 - Errol
crushed the doomed kitty adventuresSmashMap mk2 has been released. This version features a "car wash", animated powerups, tweaked building explosion and the "nifty steps-o-doom". Click the map name to grab the map and the pic to see a quicky preview. Again I'm offering no user support and such like. Errol Out
0 comments4:56am - Thursday, April 6th, 2000 - Errol
+++ please reinstall universe and reboot +++SmashMap has undergone a fair few changes again today. I've ditched the new model which was just too crappy for words and I've gone back to the hella flat old one. The thing I've been doing today is tweaking the collapsing building effect. Now if you hit the little metal block (at the end of the path marked out by the traffic cones) there's many explosions and lumps of rock flying all over the place. I want to make another effect first and then I'll probably rerelease it later tonight. Errol Out0 comments4:11pm - Tuesday, April 4th, 2000 - Errol
snow's back?Yup, it snowed again, damn stupid British weather. Anyhoo, sorry that SmashMap wasn't released on the weekend but I got sidetracked a bit and now there's also a swinging crane thing and a working lift too ;) Ok, time for a rant style thing. SmashMap is VERY EARLY BETA and has been completely remodelled already since this version I'm releasing now. I offer no user support at all, so if something goes wrong then tough. Erm, I think that covers everything, click the pic. Errol Out
0 comments6:56pm - Monday, April 3rd, 2000 - Errol
where have i been?I've been around but not doing very much. I spent yonks working with Twiggy on his map and then I went to my dads for a week and forgot my FTP details. The good thing is that this gave me time to work on my favourite aspect of C2 editing, making smashables (things that blow up on maps). Then on Wednesday I was sitting in #Carmageddon on Undernet and Ratty sent me a map he'd been working on. The map itself was just a set of roads but these roads were covered in rubbish bags. So I took a little run up and drove over one of these bags and it exploded in a shower of trash! Pizzas, crisp packets, the lot. I then looked at how this had been done and then started work on SmashMap. Using Rats effect I did some trashcans that spill trash, then I did some trees that shed leaves when you hit them and so on. I'm just about to add some checkpoints and an opponent path and I'll then release beta 1 of Smash Map. For now I'll leave ya with some piccies. Errol Out
0 comments3:19pm - Saturday, April 1st, 2000 - Errol
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