memory span less than a goldf... erm, what was i saying ?Whoops is the best word to use in this situation (I was told by the Grandfather of all knowledge) and so I'll use it. "Whoops". See, class. Anyhoo, the reason for my whoops is there were a number of errors around the site that I wasn't aware of until Rat, being the nice pygmy that he is, pointed them out to me. So now the noncars downloads will work in GetRight from Toxic Prefabs (which was updated recently, btw), you'll be able to access the Editing Tools page from other parts of the site rather than this one and the link to SmashMap version 4 actually does point to SmashMap version 4 ;) Erm, yeah, that about covers everything. So I think I'll be going now. Bubye then. Go on, you leave first. No, you. *grins* Errol Out
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