what's lazy, orange and hairy?Rat on fire. If you ever had the urge to dress up as a cab driver just so you could drive badly, think you own the roads, have a license to hail torrents of abuse at other drivers and ask people if they want a ride, then chances are your a pretencious twat. However, download this. Because you'll love it, because its class, because. Slayers mustang with a citric overhaul, perfect for any budding cabbie to test the internal organ smearability of the closest ped.

So here'e were I put some sort of matt-prentending-to-be-errol out stylee phrase that people with less originality than a cheese & tomato milkshake can think is 'cool' and nab for their own ends, which is fair enough but not likely to happen all the same. Matt.
0 comments5:29pm - Sunday, April 23rd, 2000 - Matt
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