so what are we going to do tonight brain?Same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the world! After the dodgiest link ever I'm going to go on to release what has been called (by Ratty) my best car to date. Presenting Brain Dead. He comes in two versions, the bog standard edition and the Gib Edition which uses my new noncar spawn technique. Unfortunately this technique isn't compatible with all maps and is currently only usable after you install some gibs into the map you wish to play on. This process is fairly easy (a guide is included in the zip) but can only be done easily on user made maps and not the official ones. A tutorial on setting it up for the official maps will follow later next week. Also this is the first car (that I know of) which uses the slither texture effect, this was suggested to me by Xpoc and really finishes off the car. Anyhoo, click the pic to get whichever version you want. Errol Out
0 comments9:57pm - Sunday, January 30th, 2000 - Errol
insane in the membrane......Insane in the brain as Cypress Hill once put it. This kind of has some relevance to the car I'm previewing now. It's called Brain Dead because, basically, it's a tank controlled by a massive disembodied brain ;) Click the pic below to grab a 3 meg vid of the car in action (the pic doesn't do it justice) Errol Out
0 comments2:35pm - Sunday, January 30th, 2000 - Errol
getting back into the swingHey, it's been a while ain't it. Well, I wont bother making excuses, because I'd have to make them up and I'd looks like a fool, oh right, thats the idea of an excuse isn't it. Right before I start looking like a right pratt I'll get on with it. Ten browny points to the first person who can tell me what they think this is, actually scratch that, t'is the digger, catch it later today, till then.. Matt0 comments2:35pm - Saturday, January 29th, 2000 - Matt
until i was distracted this......was going to be a fairly important update because I've just worked out a new hella cool thing in C2. Everyone knows how to get a window to smash but does anyone else know how to get it to spawn non-cars instead? Check the pic below to see what I mean (that is a pile of Cheesey Poof boxes by the way) and if you want a better idea of what I'm jibbering about click HERE to grab a movie showing what I actually mean (it's 4.5mb by the way) More later, Errol Out
0 comments8:22pm - Monday, January 24th, 2000 - Errol
supercalifrajalisticexpialadocious......if you say it fast enough you sound like a bloody idiot :) Anyhoo, here's yet another Monsterized(tm) knock-off jobby. This time of Chevelles snazzy Pyscho Bus. Click the pic below to get the Super Bus. Errol Out
0 comments1:01am - Monday, January 17th, 2000 - Errol
i'm not dead. just sleeping :)I've got a new car for you. Based on an idea from the mind of Chaos here's The Ambulance. Chaos's original idea involved zombies and blood and guts and stuff but due to time constraints I've only been able to finish a standard version, next weekend I'll be releasing the Zombified version aswell, so stay tuned. Anyhoo, click the pic to grab the car. More to come later, Errol Out
0 comments10:36pm - Sunday, January 16th, 2000 - Errol
heeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee's jonnyHere it is. The Monster Citroen. I'm a wee bit tired so I'll keep this short. Click the pic to grab the car, Errol Out
0 comments11:41pm - Sunday, January 9th, 2000 - Errol
just a sneaky peeky at the momentEconobrick mentioned he hasn't seen any new skins for his rather excellent cars so I decided I'd do one. After awhile I realised I couldn't think of any way of skinning the Citroen to make it look better so I decided to monsterize(tm) it. Econobrick loved this idea and made the nifty skin it has in the screenshot below. I'm gonna warn you that the current design isn't final and I'll probably rebuild the entire underside (got a new idea). It should be released later this weekend, Errol Out0 comments5:28pm - Saturday, January 8th, 2000 - Errol
heh, whoopsIt seems that the menu image didn't work for the Monster Thunderbird. This seems to be because there is a limit to the length of a cars name. "MonsterThunderbird" was just too long for the menu images so I've renamed the car MonsterTBird and everything is working fine now. If you really want the menu image then just download this new version and delete the old one. Errol Out
0 comments11:34pm - Friday, January 7th, 2000 - Errol
another shoddy releaseHere we have Tipped, basically it's just like the Flat Arse I released the other week in as much as it's one of the Cameron Cars with the view obscuring back end deleted. You can thank Junglemunkie for pestering me to do this one. Well, just click the pic to get it. Errol Out
0 comments11:04pm - Friday, January 7th, 2000 - Errol
two thousand!Well, here it is, the new year and the new millenium. I was supposed to be releasing a skin by Whiplash for the Santamaro but I haven't been able to get it. Let me know when this is sorted Whiplash and I'll get right on it.

First post of 2000? Fail.0 comments11:40pm - Monday, January 3rd, 2000 - Errol
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