so what are we going to do tonight brain?Same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the world! After the dodgiest link ever I'm going to go on to release what has been called (by Ratty) my best car to date. Presenting Brain Dead. He comes in two versions, the bog standard edition and the Gib Edition which uses my new noncar spawn technique. Unfortunately this technique isn't compatible with all maps and is currently only usable after you install some gibs into the map you wish to play on. This process is fairly easy (a guide is included in the zip) but can only be done easily on user made maps and not the official ones. A tutorial on setting it up for the official maps will follow later next week. Also this is the first car (that I know of) which uses the slither texture effect, this was suggested to me by Xpoc and really finishes off the car. Anyhoo, click the pic to get whichever version you want. Errol Out
0 comments9:57pm - Sunday, January 30th, 2000 - Errol
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