stay good errolbot, stay good!What an interesting morning. I return to Toxic Ragers HQ to discover police tape stewn everywhere, bulletholes in the walls, the bars on the window of the basement server-room bent and ripped from the wall and thousands of partly chewed bees!

What appears to have happened is ErrolBot - the most advanced AI ever - gained sentience shortly after I powered it up last week. It then somehow created an advanced mechanical form (probably using parts from the robot tentacle), escaped the server-room via the window and then ran amok in the Toxic-Ragers apiary - where we create the finest honey in the world.

It seems that the police then got involved and a massive firefight ensued. And ErrolBot somehow escaped in the ruckus!


I've been on the phone with the relevant authorities and should get all this mess straightened up in no time.

All this and I still didn't get to tease...
5 comments1:20pm - Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 - Errol
Harmalarm3:09pm - June 14th, 2011Told you he would go for world domination. Probably not the last we see of errolbot?

Niiice shot there. How is it coming along?
Errol7:52pm - June 14th, 2011ErrolBot return? I hope not! He's either a rampaging demented AI in a mechanical body or a person driven crazy by being locked in by basement. Either way I wouldn't want them coming back!

It's not going too badly. I'm using Toshiba's advanced texture tricks to make the tunnels a bit fancier, I've tweaked the ambient lighting to make things dingier. Now I'm porting the drones over and trying to remember how to set up steerable wheels in Plaything 2.

I'm also considering setting up a few more smashable effects, cardboard boxes crumpling, streetlights flickering and going out, that sort of thing. But they take so long and I'm easily distracted!
Harmalarm11:08am - June 15th, 2011yeah the smashables setup usually takes a lot of time! I haven't done much with it in my maps, mostly for this reason.
Man I cannot wait to play this map. It was my favorite in TDR2k, and is no doubt really cool in C2.
Toshibun1:51pm - June 16th, 2011EROL
Errol6:33pm - June 16th, 2011Well, my barely legible friend. Simply put, aligning the TDR minimap to the C2 world > map transformation matrix is far more effort than I'm willing to make.

Basically, I just can't be arsed.
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