that took longer than expected...I have finally finished transferring all historic posts over to the new fancy-shmancy database. All posts barring the "missing month" of November '99. A month forever shrouded in mystery.

Now that is over and done with I shall begin the arduous task of opening the archives and the files sections.

Then comes the good stuff: while trying to track down SP' (the latest and greatest version of South Park'ageddon and the only version I have inexplicably misplaced) I have discovered a vertible cornucopia of unreleased content. As I haven't actually worked on anything C2 in awhile I thought I could just release crap from my glory days and ride the wave of good times passed.

Here's to milking history for all that it's worth! Errol out!0 comments11:24am - Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 - Errol
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