where have i been?I've been around but not doing very much. I spent yonks working with Twiggy on his map and then I went to my dads for a week and forgot my FTP details. The good thing is that this gave me time to work on my favourite aspect of C2 editing, making smashables (things that blow up on maps). Then on Wednesday I was sitting in #Carmageddon on Undernet and Ratty sent me a map he'd been working on. The map itself was just a set of roads but these roads were covered in rubbish bags. So I took a little run up and drove over one of these bags and it exploded in a shower of trash! Pizzas, crisp packets, the lot. I then looked at how this had been done and then started work on SmashMap. Using Rats effect I did some trashcans that spill trash, then I did some trees that shed leaves when you hit them and so on. I'm just about to add some checkpoints and an opponent path and I'll then release beta 1 of Smash Map. For now I'll leave ya with some piccies. Errol Out
0 comments3:19pm - Saturday, April 1st, 2000 - Errol
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