it's just a little crushThanks to Toshiba-3 for the test car. More information when I'm not quite so tired. Errol out!

Also... FIRST!6 comments12:25am - Saturday, August 6th, 2011 - Errol
Toshh12:00am - August 6th, 2011History was written this very night.
Our grandchildren will be told about your deeds.
Mastre3:38pm - August 6th, 2011My mind is full of thousands of little Errols
Errol7:38pm - August 6th, 2011I doubt that is a pleasant sensation!
Economy!5:21am - August 7th, 2011Saints / Welsh be praised! You've done the unthinkable...!
Harmalarm8:55pm - August 7th, 2011Ah, fucking great! This is SO what we need! Will you be able to pull it off completely? It must be a matter of setting the right values per vertex, and let the tool go by every vertex and see which are closest? Great stuff errol!
Hal' de FR9:22am - August 8th, 2011Waw, you are our GOD!! OUR GOOOOD!!!! I hope to see this generator soon :P, no take your time ^^
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