infonugget: cops in carmageddon* There is a 10 cop limit per race.
* You can only have one Suppressor
* The cops are hardcoded (changing opponents 2 and 3 in opponent.txt won't make any difference)
* To replace a cop name your car APC to replace the Squad Car or BIGAPC to replace the Suppressor
* When setting the spawn location in the map.txt file the first three values are the x, y and z location.
* The last three control whether it's a Squad Car or a Suppressor! The last cop entry with 9,9,9 as the final three digits will be a Suppressor

That is all, Errol out.1 comment9:43am - Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 - Errol
C2S9:57am - August 19th, 2011I once tried to replace all the regular squad cars with Suppressors, but:

"You can only have one Suppressor"

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