a quick updateI've been fiddling with pretty much every aspect of Carmageddon 2 recently and have made a number of interesting finds. I'll cover some of these things in more detail in later posts but for now... BULLETPOINT LIST!

* You can use "lastlap" and "otherlaps" instead of "constant" and "distance" in funks, these work on cars too!
* !materialname makes a flat surface become water, !!materialname makes the game instantly auto-recover you.
* Set the SPARKY noncar keyword on heavy noncars to make them spark when they move. Nice on 36rollinrock1.txt and 06rollinrock2.txt
* Game freezing when opponents fall off your map? Lower your YON!

That should tide you over for now. Errol out!0 comments1:48am - Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 - Errol
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