a world of awesomeI often wonder to myself... Errol, whom - or what - is the most awesome thing in the world?

Could it be a robot that just loves to dance? Close, but no.

Is it Twiggy of Ped-Pizza miming along to The Offspring's Intermission in super low quality video? Gods no!

Could it be the fact Toxic-Ragers seems to get hits regardless of content? Almost!

The most awesome thing in the world is... Mastro 666! He is proving to the world you can combine quality AND quantity. Before I wax lyrical any longer... SHAZAM!Wrap your downloading parts around this... words fail me. Just download it and make your life better.

And yes, that is the USS Lewinsky. And yes, it is beached on the Beaver Mountains. And yes, this is for the original Carmageddon. Just click the link already! Errol out.0 comments8:21am - Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 - Errol
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