yay, more filler!Once again it is time for a news post and I have nothing to post about! So... ummm... yeah.

Idea! Here is my current C2 project list in roughly the order I plan on doing them...

#1 - Get Necropolis ported damnit!
#2 - Explore a couple of cunning ideas for improving C2 net play stability
#3 - Port as much as possible of Carma PSX to C2
#4 - TDR2000 cars to C2
#5 - Re-export C1 and SP maps to C2, with powerups!

Those are my main projects, these are my back-burner, no-particular-order, probably-forget-them-by-tomorrow projects...

* Animation viewer/editor for .skl and .bon files
* Borderlands to C2
* Flummery (Plaything 2.5)
* Octopus car!
* Continue re-releasing old files from the archives
* Re-Volt to C2
* The rest of the TDR2000 maps

That's about everything I can remember right now, I'm pretty sure I've missed a lot. Another completely pointless post! I'll really try to have something ready to release for next time. Errol out.Sneaky edit:

8 comments11:56pm - Thursday, June 16th, 2011 - Errol
Mastre 9992:17am - June 17th, 2011"Port as much as possible of Carma PSX to C2"
Hell yeah! PSX to C2 to C1. ;D
Halogaland11:36am - June 17th, 2011WOOOOOOOOW, revolt to C2??? I can help if you want! I make higher poly versions of those cars, like the Zipper HQ, that I've already converted to C2, I have also made an AMW HQ for Revolt, and I'll surely convert it ;)
So, if you need any help, you know who to contact ;)
Tashibo1:13pm - June 17th, 2011That's a lot! I must admit I have such lists as well, or else I would forget.

Can you already elaborate a bit about your ideas to make the C2 net play more stable?

It should be rather easy for you to export the C1 tracks with powerups. Myself I had found a way to plot them in MAX then use Dan's Noncar tool to port them into PT2 correctly (making an asc file out of the powerups coords and keeping their number in the names etc. It plotted dummies in MAX that I could replace with models in one click). However what is the most annoying with C1 to C2 conversions is the fact peds don't transfer at all.

About the Carma PSX stuff, really I don't see the cars ported to C2 but rather to C1. Still not sure about the tracks, I really wonder if they wouldn't look too dull in C2 as well.

And yay for more old files :)
Errol1:29pm - June 17th, 2011Yeah, the PSX content would be better suited for C1 but I'm a lazy person. All my dat/mat/act code writes C2 versions not C1 ;) I'll let Mastro do his thing to convert them further.

Halogaland, I'd just be running a convertor on the content, not rebuilding them by hand. I had a little play about 18 months ago and got most of the museum props ported over. I can't remember why I shelved the project then.

Tosh, Tash?! I've been talking to hifi and playing with his CarmaNet project. In theory it should be possible to simply compress the packets sent between clients within his code. This would greatly reduce the amount of data flying around and could only help when it comes to desyncs. More advanced stuff would be packet priority (always send player positions but drop the occasional ped/drone/noncar/detachable packet) and position prediction (if a packet hasn't been received in n milliseconds then use the last however many positions to predict where they would be now and use that instead). If any of this comes to anything you can guarantee I'll do a post about it.
Halogaland4:25pm - June 17th, 2011It could be so cool if you could convert the tracks from RV to C2 (and C1 maybe), do you think you could, but TDR2000's ones first sure ;)
Harmalarm8:37am - June 20th, 2011Sounds like a rather big but great projects list. I am also very interested in whether you will succeed to improve net-play.

That Revolt to carmageddon conversion could be very nice. I remember playing Revolt a lot when it was just on the market. I must have played the demo over and over. That demo map, neighbourhood, has always been my favourite btw.
I think the best thing about the game were the ambient sounds. It really made the game very convincing! Maybe you can rip and use those too ;)
Tosh2:26pm - June 20th, 2011What's that oversized dinosaur supposed to mean?
It looks in the middle of a walking loop, working on animations?
Errol3:32pm - June 20th, 2011Perhaps the teaser was a tad abstract. It's the Allosaur skeleton from the Re-Volt museum level in Plaything 2.

The whole animation thing hinted at in my to-do list was mostly aimed towards getting some working T-Rex animations for Harms new HotRoom.

I should probably add "update Toxic Ragers" to my list as well. Completely missed Saturdays update.
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