blast from the past #2 - milky by rattyRatty may not have been the most prolific of modders but when he did do something it was well worth getting. Here we have a fine example of his work and one of the earliest peds released: Milky. You might recognise him from Blur's Coffee & TV music video - Blur certainly did - although now lost to the internets this little ped was mentioned on Blur's site itself. This would have caused a lesser man to cluck and strut with pride but not Ratty, oh no, he merely accepted this adulation with aplomb and disappeared into the mists. See below for this ped in action. Errol out!
1 comment10:57am - Friday, June 24th, 2011 - Errol
random_monkey11:54am - July 5th, 2011I might have Milky on a CD somewhere, actually.
Harass me on IRC and I'll see what I can dig out :)
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