ongoing developmentOver the next few hours I shall be live coding a post commenting system. This will undoubtedly cause all sorts of errors and shenanigans.

But once the dust settles? Oh yes! You will be able to bitch at me direct! Heady days indeed. Errol out!


Comments are now live. I'll be monitoring the logs and changing the code as necessary. Try not break things too much. Errol out but still watching.2 comments8:27pm - Sunday, May 15th, 2011 - Errol
Errol1:29pm - May 16th, 2011Commenting is now live! Confused about the CAPTCHA? The answer is in the post!
Harmalarmio2:47pm - May 16th, 2011sweet! now we can make sure your ego doesn't go sky-high! :p

Nice to see I can drag this comment window to a size my fitting. Nice work.
Commenting is now closed
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