hollowood18 months ago I began porting the TDR2000 maps to C2. While I was never a fan of TDR2k itself the maps were pretty cool. So, after much messing around I finally understood the original formats enough to port the maps. Shortly afterwards my life got flipped-turned upside down and I disappeared - once again - from the C2 scene. This file was released on the CWA but I thought it would make sense if I released it here too. Enjoy! Errol out.

Hollowood from TDR2000 ported to Carma 25 comments11:38pm - Monday, May 16th, 2011 - Errol
Name11:38am - May 17th, 2011Did you also do some work on the other TDR tracks back then, or are you planning to convert them now perhaps? Would love to see the other tracks too

Errol12:10pm - May 17th, 2011No promises on a timeframe but I am planning on releasing all the free roam maps from the original game and the nosebleed pack. I was racing around Hell in the Eagle 3 last night! If it looks like I'm going to disappear again I'll release the code I use to convert everything and someone else can take over.
Harmalarm1:06pm - May 17th, 2011that's great man. You already did a great job on the hollowood track! Especially on the powerup and noncar part! I think the rest of the TDR maps would be a great addition to Carma 2.

The previous post was also mine, but I forgot to add my name. Perhaps you should add the rule that 'name' as name is not accepted.
Errol1:20pm - May 17th, 2011Awww, I thought I had a new mystery commentor! And good plan on the name not Name check, I'll get that in quicksharp. The next map release will be Hell from the Nosebleed Pack as Toshiba asked for it way back in '09 and I completely ignored his email. I may also release a series of posts on the file formats themselves but that might get pointlessly technical for no good reason.
Harmalarm9:39am - May 18th, 2011Well, I would be interested in the little tidbits you found out about the file format for TDR.
My 3dsmax Carma export script is coming along nicely, and I'm really starting to enjoy digging in the file formats lately. I currently got a proper export for all formats (ACT/DAT/MAT) with a single push on the button. It Just needs a little fine tuning now.

About that; there are a couple of bytes in the C2 file format that are needed, but of which I am unsure what they represent in the model. (on top of everything that Dan wrote in his file format document.) Interesting shizzl... :p

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