can you guess what it is yet?Weirdest teaser ever!

UPDATE! As it turns out: most pointless teaser ever!
I had decided to revisit the idea of cars spawning noncars but I probably should have looked around to see if anything had been done with this since Braindead back in 1999. As it turns out Harmalarm has written an incredibly detailed guide on advanced WAM tricks which pretty much covers everything I was going to do! All I can add to the discussion is a modification based on a trick I noticed in Toshiba-3's TDR Arena.

Using Braindead-GE (762KB) as the base...
Copy the contents of the Gibs folder (including tiffrgb) into \Cars\BrainDead\
In BrainDead.wam change
&00gib.ACT			// Name of actor file
..\..\Cars\BrainDead\&00gib.ACT	// Name of actor file
And when you're editing your map.txt to include a reference to 00gib.txt use this
Overall the effect is the same but at least now all the gibs are in one place and the game will no longer crash if the map hasn't been configured properly. All that will happen is the noncars won't be displayed.

Errol out!3 comments3:40pm - Sunday, May 29th, 2011 - Errol
harmalarm4:58pm - May 29th, 2011smashmap 2011?
Errol8:10pm - May 29th, 2011Close, less map, more car
Toshiba7:13pm - May 30th, 2011"The More You Know!"

Too bad we can't add these car-spawned noncars without the ref in the track text file!
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