but, but, but... ok, you win dudeWell, after an extremely short but well crafted arguement with Matt I'll be sticking around for abit. Man, that lad could argue the legs off a donkey. Errol Out0 comments7:49pm - Sunday, June 18th, 2000 - Errol
let's get this party started, or notI'm thinking about leaving the carma community, I haven't done anything worth while in ages, to be honest I'm not looking forward to TDR2k in the slightest and my site is dying a slow and nasty death. It'd be best if I just closed it and moved on to other things. I've had alot of fun over the last couple of years and made alot of friends but maybe it's time to pack up and move on. I dunno what to do next tho', no other games have mixed editabilty with nasty fun and violence like Carma 2 did. Soldier of Fortune has been the only game I've actually played all the way through since I started editing carma since everything else has been pretty pants. This isn't a definate "Right, I'm off, tara" post so don't go all crazy (not that anyone will) but I am thinking about it. Bubye for now, Errol Out0 comments7:38pm - Sunday, June 18th, 2000 - Errol
whoops, only like a week and a bit lateRight, ok, I'm really sorry about this, stuff should start getting back to normal now, I'm just spending my time doing other things at the moment. The thing that's taking the most time is the IRC program that me and Matt (from CarmaCity) are writing, but enough of that. South Park'ageddon v1.6 is here!! It's basically just a bug fixed version of v1.5, a couple of replaced cars and such. There's going to be a few new car patches released for it over the following days/weeks (depending on when I get time to work on them). On a side note, if anyone wants to make a South Park'esque vehicle such as Ned and Jimbos humvee or maybe make a better version of one of the cars already in there then let me know. I think this would be the easiest way to increase the number of opponent vehicles. Anyhoo, onto the download details, it's not an upgrade patch from the last version but a new version so it's suggested you delete the old one (I think most of you have already done this judging by the number of "i can't get this to work" emails I receive). It's 19meg so I suggest using something like GetRight if you're on a slower connection. Just click the pic. Errol Out0 comments2:43pm - Tuesday, June 13th, 2000 - Errol
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