someone call the rspca Or not. Last week Matt (of Carmageddon City fame) said I drank/sniffed bleach. I strongly denied these allegations as they just weren't true. But now he's gone too far. He's said I mistreat my pet monkey, Mojo, by force feeding him, and I quote, "a popular brand of household battery". This is a blatent lie! Sure, Mojo is partial to a watch battery every now and again but which monkey isn't ? But to say I force feed Mojo anything is just unfair. Having questioned him Matt said he has evidence to prove this cruelty but I believe this is just a lie. Matt, I've had it up to here with your shenannigins, you have been warned. Errol Ou... oh yeah, go to get 6 more splat pack maps from the maps page. Last one to be released tomorrow. Errol Out0 comments12:20am - Tuesday, March 14th, 2000 - Errol
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