lies, all of 'emI'd like to end the vicious lies that Matt over at Carmageddon City is spreading about me. I don't sniff bleach, I don't drink bleach, I don't do anything with bleach other than occasionally clean stuff with it. And kids, drinking or sniffing any household chemicals isn't cool, it's stupid. And say no to drugs too, and alcohol because strong drink is a mocker. Oh, and don't smoke either, or eat fatty foods. Actually, don't eat meat, become a vegitarian. Oh, and don't watch TV because it'll give you square eyes and I really don't think you should have those mags that you've got stuffed under your bed, it'll make you go blind you know if you keep doing it as often as you do. Oh, and finally, shop smart, shop S-Mart. Errol Out0 comments10:04am - Saturday, March 11th, 2000 - Errol
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