we're the rat, rat, rat, rat, rat, rat, rattiesThe name Ratty should mean something to every carma fan. Most will know him as the Webmaster - and i use the term loosely - of Carmageddon2.co.uk whereas others will know him as a rather odd bloke that fancies chicks with piercings through most parts of their bodies and hangs around in #Carmageddon on Slashnet (be there or be normal). Anyhoo, the last major thing Ratty worked out was how to make Carmageddon 2 pix files (he then went on to make the first ever new skin for the retail version of C2, it's the Blue Rat on the car skins page) and now he's made yet another revolutionising discovery. Everyone knows that Carmageddon 2 converts tiff's into pix and these pix are used by C2 as textures. The original cars had these pix compressed into Pixies which were then shoved into twt files for nice single filed cars. What Rat has managed to work out is how to make the Pixies!! So we can now start releasing cars in single file format which is a lot tidier at least. Anyhoo, that's about all I have. Errol Out0 comments11:32pm - Tuesday, February 8th, 2000 - Errol
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