competition...Did you download the Digger and think "This isn't as good as it should be" or "Why didn't they make the arm swing when you press enter" or "Good God, a blind monkey could've made a better skin" then keep on reading. We here at TR feel that you, the player, deserve the chance to show us up in front of everyone and so we're going to hold a little competition. All you need to do is make the Digger how you think it should've been made. The entries will then be tested by a group of - as yet undecided - Carma 2 fans and the one voted the best will become the official TR Digger. Here are the rules:

1) You are not allowed to use tiffs from either our or Coffeycups diggers
2) You have to make it from the original 3ds
3) All entries must include a simple model, a shell and a menu image that's usable in both software and hardware modes.

Think you're up to the challenge? If so click HERE to grab the original 3ds and get working. Closing date on the competition is Saturday the 4th of March. That's about it. Errol Out

Toxic Ragers reserve the right to pretend that no-one entered the competition if any of the entries look like they might beat ours. We reserve this right because a lot of other sites might want this right in the near future and so we reserved it now just in case they do. Kind of like how you reserve your favourite seats at the cinema so no-one else can sit in them. Also we reserve the right to throw stones at weasels, chipmunks and gophers because we're mean and nasty and also because we reserve the right to reserve the rights to various different things that no-one usually reserves the rights to. Finally we reserve the right to make you read large amounts of pointless jibbering, kind of like what you're doing now. This text doesn't make much of a difference seeing as it was intended as a joke and not an actually rights reserved section but as you've read this far you might as well keep reading until the end as there's not much more to go. Almost there now. There we go, you can stop reading now. Oh, you want to carry on? No? Ok.0 comments5:42pm - Saturday, February 19th, 2000 - Errol
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