new years eve part deuxThe end of the year is drawing ever closer (and has already passed in some places) and now it's time to release what could be the last car I release this millenium :) Pity it's not mine really, heh. Anyhoo, Toxic Ragers 2000 is proud to present CWR's latest creation, the OddRod. It uses the chrome effect and looks particularly stunning :) I've set up the menu image and the simple model too, so click the pic to get this beautiful car, Errol Out
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new years eve!As the end of the year (or maybe the end of the world if you're stupid enough) approaches I'm gonna release some stuff that I should've released awhile ago but kept forgetting. Click the pics to get X-Ray's amazing HoverCraft and Pseudo's groovy Trolley. Also have WolfHart's top Merlin skin for Raven-X's and my Rising Sun. Click the pics, Errol Out
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sle...zzz..eep...zzz..Ack, when your eyes shut themselves I think thats a pretty good sign of a lack of sleep, however my sleep deprivation is not without cause for I bring you the Moonster Tempest, a remake of the Moonchild VWCampa skin for the MonsterTempest, anyhow, I realy must get some sleep now so enjoy, night all...Matt
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flower power to the ppl... If you check down the page you'll see tht Errol modified the Beefed-Up box truck [previously Boxing Clever] to make it easier to skin properly, anyhow, cut to the chase, here we have my Parcel Farce skin for it mad with the help of a little Corgi model, though you cant tell :), anyhoe here it is, see what you think.
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twas the day after xmas and all through the house...Okay then, I said a few hours, but hey it was Xmas so you can forgive me right? Anyhow, here we have some more shiney hacks for your delectation, first up an Aqua hack for the Blunderbird that gives it a nice shiney softop and we have my Xmas present to the world, a nice shiney hack up of the eagle, I just have a few more finishing touches to make and then I should have two new skins for you too. 'Til later.. Matt
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chrimbotasticIs it just me or do you find Christmas Day updates kinda tacky? Well, here at Toxic Ragers we do things differently and so we bring you the 5 Minutes AFTER Christmas Update, hehe. Anyhoo, enough of me. We are proud to present version 1 of Christmassive Carnage 2 - A Cold Day up North. The sequel to last years rather pathetic christmas mission. This years features a new map and numerous (well, 5) new peds. Click the pic below to get this new map. Errol Out
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out with the munchies...Wow, its been a while folks, but supposedly t'is the season. Anyhow, with GC being down its given me more time to work on hacks and stuff so I think I'll just grab this update to give you a sneak peek of what this weekend should herald [pun:1]. Here's a looky at a a new skin and a new hack which should be of many things to be released this weekend if all goes to plan, anyhow... catch you in a few hours with some files, Matt

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i hate it when i can't think of a funny topic :(A while back CWR sent me his Camero but before I got around to releasing it (brain like a sieve I tells ya) he's sent me this more festive version. I've just finished setting it up so it won't conflict with the Camero (you can get that over at CarMACaggedon) and it also features detachable parts and a car menu image. You can get it by clicking the pic. It's called the Santamaro. Errol Out
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what do you call a box truck minus the box?Flat Arse of course, har har har. But seriously, the latest TR creation is here: Flat Arse the Flat Arsed Truck. Click the pic to get it. Errol Out
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"box truck, i drove into a lamp-post......Hurting to the utmost, spewing out my deepest fillings" Erm, sorry. Anyhoo, here's an updated version of Beefed Up (the car formally know as Boxing Clever) It now is much easier to change the skin on the box which should mean it'll be a widely skinned car. Oh, I also renamed a bunch of stuff so it can be used in conjunction with previous versions. Errol Out.
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early chrimbo pressiesHere ya go, 4 monster trucks (cars really) to sink your teeth into. We have the Monster Ghia, the Monster Tempest, the Monster Thunderbird and Flaming Hell. Click the pics to get them. Errol Out
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that's some type of hazzard, surely...If you can't tell what car I'm releasing now then you should just go and put your head in a blender because you're dense. Anyhoo, here it is Boose and myselfs version of General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard. It's called Generally and has a rather snazzy replacement horn sound :) Anyhoo, click the pic to get this groovy car. Errol Out
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whoops :(It seems I fluffed up bigtime when packing the Bat Mobile, so if you've had problems getting it to work then please download the fixed version. Also, I've had a number of emails about broken links, let me just explain how they work. When I upload a file to the FTP it will automatically get mirrored but this doesn't happen for about 24 hours from when the file was uploaded, so, if you want to download something that I have released recently then you have to use the top link, none of the mirrors will work yet. I'll possibly be releasing a car later on but for now have a sneaky peeky at this screenshot. Errol Out
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a star called cwrFor a long time now the name CWR has been synonymous with perfection but with the creation of his latest car - the Bat Mobile from the Animated Series - he's proved that things can only get better. I have to say that the menu pic below just doesn't do this car justice as CWR has taken chroming to the next level. I know I generally don't go on and on like this (well, not always :) ) but this car more than deserves it. It is CWR at his best. And, if that's not enough, we also have an updated version of his brilliant '63 Galaxie as well as Black Beauty. Man, can things get any better? As always, click the pics to get these stunning cars. Errol Out
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pure chaos is here!This car will be totally new to many of you as I haven't previewed it in the past. It was suggested to me by a guy named Chaos!!! (yes, with the exclaimation marks) and I liked the sound of it. Basically, it's what you'd get if you took Cameron's Ice Cream van, painted it black and red, added huge monster truck types and suspension, welded a plow to the front, joint on two arms with spinny buzzsaw blades and finally attatched a unicorn style spike with a very unfortunate multi-billionaire impaled on it :) As always, click the pic below to download Pure Chaos. Errol Out
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raging into the next milleniumWelcome to Toxic Ragers 2000! Most, if not all, of the links to files will be broken so give me to around Wednesday to sort these before you starting reporting broken links. That's about all the news I have at the moment. Keep on visiting and keep on Raging :) Errol Out0 comments4:09am - Sunday, December 12th, 1999 - Errol
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