south park'ageddon version 1.2SP'a version 1.2 is out! Click HERE! Here's whats new:

The map is now split into three different versions:
 * Jesus vs Satan
 * Chef Aid
 * Mutant Turkeys
Each is based loosely on a specific episode and all have working [tab] maps :)

A few new peds including Jesus, Jimbo and Chef

There is now a new car driven by the Evil Barbrady Clone

All the kids - Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman - have sounds

And much, much more!

This release is almost entirely the work of Scream, the ped guy, as he made most of the new content! Ladies, if you're not already you should be beating a path to this guys door! Errol out0 comments10:14pm - Sunday, July 25th, 1999 - Errol
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