credit given where credits dueI'd now like to mention Leaky_Valve and WhiplasH. These two fine fellows helped incredibly during the rigging of the Cameron cars. Leaky, for his expertise in the setup of suspension (downforce, center of balance, etc) and Whipper for creating the smashable glass textures. A Toxic Ragers Salute to you guys :)

Cameron who?
Cameron used to work for SCi and has known Stainless since C1. He's made a ship-load of stuff for both games and he's slowly sending me everything he's got :) A truly excellent modeller and the first true 3rd party editor :) My hat is off to you :)

Speaking of Cameron...
As you know, the 8 cars I released this weekend all have minor bugs. These cars should be ready for next weekend in 100% perfect condition :) Along with these I hope to have some all new cars for you. I won't commit myself by giving a number but there should be at least 2 :) Oh, speaking of the 8 cars, if you haven't yet got them, get them now0 comments10:22pm - Sunday, June 27th, 1999 - Errol
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