ufoA few people are having problems installing U F-Ool so here's a little guide.

1.  If pimp doesn't work (didn't for me) paste the contents of ufool.txt at the bottom of opponent.txt. Make sure you paste it above the END. Then increase the number at the very top of the document by one and alter the // opponent to the correct number (one more than the opponent above). If you don't have any other cars installed you can download the opponent.txt I use.

2.  Once this is done, move the ufo folder into your cars directory, ie, C:\Program Files\Carmageddon II Carpocalypse Now\data\CARS\ufo and put the ufoCI folder into your CarImage directory, ie, C:\Program Files\Carmageddon II Carpocalypse Now\data\INTRFACE\CarImage\ufoCI

3.  Now, load up Carmageddon 2 and then load up a save game where you have access to all the cars and pick the U F-Ool. Start a race and enjoy :)

Errol Out0 comments9:33pm - Tuesday, February 9th, 1999 - Errol
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