lots of stuffAs most of you know I'm off to Edmonton, Canada on the 5th of March. I'm hoping to enroll in a computer collage out in there and there is no time like the present! I'm only out there for a month and so the site will either be left dormant or Ratty can update it. I'll try to update it from Canada but I'm not promising anything.

Secondly, WE'VE REACHED OVER 20,000 HITS :) It was only the 13th of January when we'd just passed 10,000. In just over a month I've had 10,000 hits. This is really groovy :) Keep on visiting to make this site the best!

My porsche is very near done. I've just worked out how to do doors so these are being implemented :) I'm also working on a smashable windscreen. I've heard it's easy but I ain't tried it yet :)0 comments10:53pm - Thursday, February 18th, 1999 - Errol
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