this and thatOk, first off click HERE to get the new version of the U F-Ool. If you are having problems running it just send me an email explaining the problem, not a screenshot of the crash :) Anyhoo, this has had some major bug fixes and the start of a texture job. Secondly, if you are have problems with the templates in as much as they are all liney you need to increase your colour depth to at least 16bit. Errol Out0 comments9:54am - Saturday, January 23rd, 1999 - Errol
another project? don't you ever finish anything?!Check out "U F-Ool", my latest little project :) This is my second work-in-progress car and I like this one more than "Tanks Alot". This car is also in early alpha and is just as buggy as "Tanks Alot" but if you want to risk it click HERE to download U F-Ool. If you haven't already worked out what type of car this is check out the screenshots below :) Errol out
0 comments8:24pm - Thursday, January 21st, 1999 - Errol
a multitude of topicsI've just finished uploading them all so go to the newly created [linkgoeshere]templates[/linkgoeshere] section to get them. If you create any skins send them on over to me and if I like them they'll be posted right here on this site! Yeah, THIS SITE, the biggest and bestest Carmageddon 2 editing site there is! Well, that is what my mum tells me.

about tanks alot

I would like to thank everyone who has sent me suggestions and comments about my first car and I'd just like to clear up some stuff. Firstly there are NO crumple points as yet, there will be but not yet. Secondly, the texture placement is going to be altered completely and the textures are also being changed. Thirdly, the tank still thinks it's the shape of the Eagle 3 :) This leads to some pretty weird effects, especially if the tank ends up on its roof :)

modelling in plaything 2

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: I have no idea how you model in Plaything 2 or even if you can. I create all my models in Rhino 3d and export as a .3ds file. I then use this little program (s'about 1.86meg) to convert it to a .asc file which Plaything 2 can import. If you can't get your model to import into Plaything send it to me and if I like it I'll dat it for you, nice of me, eh? :)0 comments10:27pm - Wednesday, January 20th, 1999 - Errol
i bear gifts of terrys all-gold, frankenstein and grrrrrAlmost. In a few more hours you will have a template for EVERY car in Carmageddon 2 available to you, am I good or what ? :) Anyhoo, just letting you know, Errol Out0 comments6:43pm - Wednesday, January 20th, 1999 - Errol
was this a good idea?Well, against all better judgement I am releasing Tanks Alot. This is my first car and the third car to be released for Carmageddon 2! Anyway, my car sucks and unless you're trying to learn how to make cars - or in this case how NOT to make cars - from other peoples work then don't bother downloading it. I'm not joking. I don't want any emails about problems you may have with it, it's early alpha and is buggy so I don't care. Ok?? Anyhoo, here's the link RIGHT HERE [ANACHRONISTIC EDIT: If anyone has would they please email me? I seem to have lost it]. Please please please don't email me about it unless you have ideas for improving it, and don't say a better texture job :) Errol Out0 comments12:19am - Monday, January 18th, 1999 - Errol
this kicks arse!Been messing around some more and my car is now textured (very roughly at the moment) and is drivable (but only just). I'll carry on messing with it tonight until it handles like a tank: slow but perfect handling. Expect an early beta later this week. I'll soon be writing a rough guide on how to use Plaything 2 although it's going to be VERY rough as I have no real idea how I've gotten this far :)0 comments11:40pm - Sunday, January 17th, 1999 - Errol
woohoo!It's alive, IT'S ALIVE, bwaaahahahaaahaha. My car is working - which is groovy - but it isn't textured and is therefore invisible - which isn't quite as groovy - but nevermind :) Below are some of the errors I've had :(
0 comments9:42pm - Sunday, January 17th, 1999 - Errol
tanks alotI've been working on my first car for about a week now and I still haven't had any luck. I have all the dats made, the act's, the wam, the txt, everything but when I try to load it in the game I get a "Can't find main model file" error, or something along those lines.

Don't worry though, I'll continue tinkering this weekend and next week and forever if needs must, but I will get this thing done!
See below for an early beta shot of my car in the 3d package I use. Anyhoo, back to work. Errol out.0 comments1:50pm - Saturday, January 16th, 1999 - Errol
plaything 2Well, Plaything 2 is out and so all work on peds has been put on hold. Slowly we're getting to grips with this bitch of a program and a new car is on the horizon. A very, very distant horizon but still...

I happened to arrive at my own site after a series of crazy links and I noticed my hits have risen past the 10,000 mark. WOW! Over 10,000 hits in about 1 and a half, possibly 2 months. Groooooooooooooovy. Thanks guys!0 comments9:08pm - Wednesday, January 13th, 1999 - Errol
another car templateWe have another template available for download, this is for the Die Anna's Hawk and you can get it by clicking HERE. The car template section will be up soonish :)
0 comments10:35pm - Friday, January 8th, 1999 - Errol
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