various updatesEditing peds is alot harder than editing cars due to he lack of templates and we still haven't been able to make a new animal. Saying this I think I'm now able to edit any artwork within the game but I'll get back to you on this. Only problem is we can't view the artwork before altering it which is a major setback. Any programmers out there, please try and make a .pix/p8/p16 file viewer as it'll make editing so much easier. [ANACHRONISTIC UPDATE - Since posting this I have learnt to program like a boss and have coded a .pix file viewer myself. Yay for personal growth!] I'm redoing the Fat Max and then I'll release him,probably by the end of the week but you know how I am for sticking to release dates :) That's about it, Errol Out0 comments11:33pm - Wednesday, December 16th, 1998 - Errol
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