oh my god! how much??Well, the phone bill arrived this morning and my part was a whopping £171.23 [ANACHRONISTIC UPDATE - At this point I was only about 15 and my job brought in less than £30 a week, £171.23 was crazy lots. I was also on dialup and phonecalls were free on the weekend], this has put a serious hole in my savings as I only have 73p left. Due to this my time online is going to be seriously cut back, daily updates will still continue but files will only be uploaded on weekends.

Fat Max will be available from download this weekend as well as a guide to creating peds - if you found making a new skin hard then I'd keep away from ped editing, talk about longwinded. Anyhoo, Errol over and out.0 comments9:20am - Thursday, December 17th, 1998 - Errol
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