next week? try right now! and we have a new memberMe and my big mouth. I said it would be at least a week before I finished the Green Machine and guess what?? I've finished it already! :) The Green Machine is made up of about 90% new or edited textures. Please, let me know what you think. Anyhoo, this is what you want, the link. Get the Green Machine by clicking HERE (269KB). Also, click HERE (960KB) to download the Blue Rat. In all honesty the Blue Rat is the real first skin for Carmageddon 2 but I didn't feel like releasing it before mine. Mwaahahaha :) Anyhoo, the editing section is under construction and should be up this weekend at the latest along with the rest of the site. Plus, Seth has joined us here at Toxic Ragers! He will be helping with our future skins and such.0 comments9:50pm - Monday, December 14th, 1998 - Errol
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