introducing stan, the first completely new ped skin!That's right! Click HERE to download the first COMPLETELY new ped skin for Carmageddon 2, Stan! :)

I have just finished making a template for EVERY ped in Carmageddon 2 - all 155 of them - and I'm uploading them as I type but the download page won't be sorted until tommorrow, this weekend at the latest.

We're also currently messing around writing a new mission. This is still very early alpha and isn't much beyond the "Will it work ?" stage yet. But if it does, look out for this festive release soon :)

And to tide you over, click HERE to download the Alien template. This guy is on the last race before the final mission (I think).0 comments12:19am - Wednesday, December 23rd, 1998 - Errol
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