editing section, anyone seen an editing section???Give me an E, give me a D, give me an I, give me a T, give me an I, give me all the other letters, and what have you got??? ELEPHANT! Umm, did you actually go to school? Try EDITING SECTION! As you may have guessed, the [linkgoeshere]Editing Section[/linkgoeshere] is up and running. It'll take you through the creation of a new door for the Eagle3, from which it is easy to work out how to make the rest of the car. So, all you people who've been gagging for a chance to make a new skin, get your arses over there :)

Slowly but surely the site is nearing completion, all old news is in the [linkgoeshere]News Archives[/linkgoeshere], the downloads are in the [linkgoeshere]Car Editing Tools[/linkgoeshere] section and the Green Machine and the Blue Rat are in the [linkgoeshere]Our Cars[/linkgoeshere] section.

And finally, if you create a new skin or you work something out that will benefit the Carmageddon 2 editing community please email me. I'll set some new sections up as the emails start pouring in :)0 comments5:24pm - Tuesday, December 15th, 1998 - Errol
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